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To those whom we call the forest dwellers, Vanvasi..... Let us take a vow that from today we will limit our (Personal Needs) and must spend our intellect and welth to educate and inculcate values of our traditions. To ensure upliftment of the entire society and to create a harmonious and peaceful lineage we do away with all the differences in our actions words and throughts.

Shri Guruji

Remarkable Events :

  1. Above all, 25 Feb. 2006 was the historic day for Parishad. At least 80,000 Vanvasis from remote tribal areas of Rajasthan gathered in Udaipur in Rastra Shakti Sammelan held by Rajasthan Vanvasi Kalyan Parishad. Through seven different routes they came in the stadium in the form of processions in their colourful customary dress-up with their musical instruments, customary songs, dances and bhajans.

  2. 36 Panchayats of Kotada tehsil have been taken up under Kotada Development Program in which all-round activities are going on in every field like Medical, Agriculture, Education, General Awareness, Banking and Small-Scale Cottage-Craft Development etc.

  3. In 1989 and 1992 there was a vast assembly in the presence of Swami Ramdas Ji from Barabanki and presidentship of Maharana Mewar Mahendra Singh Ji in which 30 thousand Vanvasis participated for the first time.

  4. During the period of three years from 1992 to 1995 Parishad took-up T.B. Control Program in remote areas like Kotada and Zadol Tehsil 3892 patients were cured by constant follow-up which resulted into 89.64% of cure rate. It was a world record.

  5. In 1995 the Third National Sports Competition was organized in Udaipur by Rajasthan Vanvasi Kalyan Parishad in which 1,000 athletes & players from all over tribal areas of India participated. In that memorable event 10,000 Vanvasis from remote areas of Rajasthan took part with their colourful dresses, various indigenous musical instruments, dances in a procession. Moreover, Indian Air Force organized Ski-diving which became the main attraction for the tribal as well as city people.

  6. During Golden Jubilee Celebration of Akhil Bhartiya Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram at least 41,900 Vanvasis and 7,500 citizens participated in various programs.

  7. In every September, 10 days Ganpati Visarjan Program is organized in remote villages. At the time of Visarjan thousands of people gather especially in Kushalgarh Tehsil of Banswara district and Kotada Tehsil of Udaipur district at least 25 to 35 thousand people gather in ritual celebrations.

  8. In Pipal Khunt Panchayat of Banswara district under Water Development Program 13 Check-Dams were built, in 19 villages special agriculture program has been taken up and 2,479 wells were re-charged. In Chari village a huge Ram - Mandir has been built.

  9. Shabri Kumbh, a kind of religious gathering was held in Gujarat. From Rajasthan 10,000 Vanvasis visited the holy spot. The tour-program was conducted by Rajasthan Vanvasi Kalyan Parishad.


    Today the impact of the Herculean efforts made over 30 years can be clearly seen in the tribal area. The percentage of literacy is increasing. There is greater consciousness about health. Economic awareness can also be discerned. The quality of life has improved a lot. This God-given task of the parishad is fully society-based and is being carried on with the full cooperation of persons with Recourses who have a deep love for the society. As the task is tremendous we have to speed up, widen our activities and increase the number of workers. It is a pious duty of every citizen to make all out efforts to bring up the weaker section of the society to their own level and it is by doing this duty that will bring glory. So your cooperation is solicited in this divine work.

    Some way of cooperation are mentioned below :

    1 Annual Expenses of running a Single Teacher School   Rs. 16,000/-
    2 Annual Expenses of Student residence in our Eklavaya Vidya Mandir Ashram    Rs. 6,000/-
    3 Expenditure on one - forthnight medical camp    Rs. 15,000/-
    4 Annual expenditure of one Satsang Kendra     Rs. 5,000/-
    5 Annual expenditure of one Bal Sanskar Kendra (Child Care Center)    Rs. 30,000/-
    6 Annual Expenditure of an Ashram Hostel   As per capacity

    Annual Expenses of one Hostel of 25 Students running in remote in
    Tribal area

       Rs. 2,11,000/-

    Expenditures to built small temple in trible area in order to protect faith and culture

       Rs. 2,50,000/-

    Constructing or Expand two Primary school will two class Room

        Rs. 3000,00/-

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