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To those whom we call the forest dwellers, Vanvasi..... Let us take a vow that from today we will limit our (Personal Needs) and must spend our intellect and welth to educate and inculcate values of our traditions. To ensure upliftment of the entire society and to create a harmonious and peaceful lineage we do away with all the differences in our actions words and throughts.

Shri Guruji

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Rajasthan Vanvasi Kalyan Parishad

Kalyan Ashram Maharana Pratap Colony Hiran Magri, Sector 13 Udaipur- 313002
Phone No.: % +91 294 2484316, +91 294 2484456
Tele-Fax: +91 294 2481541
Contact Person :
Shri Bhagwan Sahay- 94141 61456
Dr. Raadhika Laddha- 94141 61892

Email : info@rvkp.org  rvkpudaipur3@gmail.com

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