1. Ashram Hostel :

One of the objects of the Rajasthan Vanvasi Kalyan Parishad is to run Ashrams (hostels) in the remote areas where children are deprived of education and development .These children are groomed to bring out their hidden talents nurturing their innate intelligence and preparing them to lead their community into the main stream of development and actively contribute towards building a strong nation.

2. Primary /Middle/Secondary Schools :

Schools in small villages or towns in tribal belts fulfill many ends. i.e. to create amicable relations amongst all the communities to live as a unit and develop a supportive attitude towards each other, to motivate other communities to come forward and help in all-round development of tribal children to unite them in a single entity to fight against anti-national activities going on in their areas. Above all the prime mission is to educate people about their cultural and ethical values through educational activities.

School Pride

Merit holders of 8th board Common examination of Rajasthan in education :

S. No.






Jaya Bharati





Jai kishan





Khushbu Rani





Vinay Kumar Agarwal





Bharat Kumar




3. Ekalavya Vidhya Mandir (Single Teacher School) :

In the far reaching areas of the tribal belts Vanvasi Kalyan Parishad has designed "SINGLE TEACHER" school programme. Full participation of local people in economic, social, cultural and ethical awareness is expected along with educational development.

4. Non formal Value based Education Centre (Bal Sanskar Kendra):

Aims: The majority of the tribals used to live below the poverty line. The root cause of poverty is their illiteracy and ignorance. Through Vanvasi Kalyan Parisad in the hermitage and the huts, on the mountains and in the valleys, in the forlorn fields, a window is opened through ‘Education’. Efforts are afoot to spread formal and non-formal education and provide healthy environment for creating spirit of self-service and service to the country and society.

 To help in building all-round personality and character of the children to sow the  seeds of nationality these centres have been set-up in the remote villages. Local  young women at least 8th passed have been selected, trained and then  deputed. Two hour's teaching includes cleanliness, prayer, mantra chanting,  songs  and poems, story telling, sports, basic knowledge and language learning.

Side by side these teachers organize meetings of the villagers, specially of  women once or twice in a month. The group discusses various problems, tries to  solve them at the local level, talks about development and co-operative programmes.

5. Medical and Health Care Projects :

Even after 60 years of independence the tribal belts  lack medical facilities. Due to lack of medical facilities, proper diet and unawareness. people have to face pain, suffering and untimely death.

To reduce health related problems and to create awareness regarding healthy living as well as to educate them on various medical problems, parishad organizes weekly medical camps, runs awareness programs like AROGYA RAKSHAK YOJNA in remote villages with one arogya rakshak (Health Worker) in one village with a kit of 18 first aid medicines. Moreover, an ambulance has been provided for emergency at Kotra center.

Tuberculosis Control Program

T.B. is rampant and a major killer disease in tribal regions and nearly 4% of the population is affected by radiologically active T.B. of the lungs. T.B. needs a long-term treatment (8 to 12 months) with expensive medication and nutrition. Most of the poor tribals cannot afford such high expenses. One-third of all active T.B. cases are sputum positive and contagious. T.B. has destroyed many families shattering their economy in the region.

Government sponsored T.B. eradicating program gives least cure rate because of costly and time-consuming treatment, because of patients malnutrition, alcoholism and smoking, because of their ignorance about the necessity of uninterrupted treatment and because of want of the desire and zeal to live. With no hope, no confidence the prevailing ethos was that of helplessness and resignation. The whole scenario was discouraging.

It was in this backdrop that the Rajasthan Vanvasi Kalyan Parishad accepted the challenge of mobilizing masses for controlling T.B. in the year 1992.

Nutritive high calory food packets are also provided along with medicine to the patients. From 1992 to 2001 this program resulted in giving 89-64% cure rate. 3892 patients were cured.

6. Faith and Culture Awakening Centres :

Such centres are carried on by local saints, priests, artists etc. The main moto behind such activities is to protect their identity, beliefs, religious faith and culture. Besides this, by uniting and bringing the villagers on one platform a kind of awareness is developed to rise above cast and creed, create a brotherly spirit and, they are encouraged to work towards the development of a strong society and fight against any kind of anti-national activity like conversion.


7. Sports Centre Activities :

Living close to nature the tribal children and youth are instinctively interested in games and sports. Hard and challenging life in forest gives them innate strength and vitality and proficiency in several sports, games, archery and athletics. Youth is always in the vanguard for any special effort or change.

With this realization sports activities were started in 1987. Under this program boys and girls are selected and trained at Rural Sports Centers in athletics, archery, kabaddi, kho-kho and races etc.

Competitions are held at various levels, i.e. at block level, district level, state level annually and finally at national level once in four years.

Till today these festivals have proved to be the biggest non-official Voluntary World Sports Events.

Besides strong body building and high spirit of nationality such youth force can be utilized in preventing their society from all ills and anti-national activities.

Our Pride in all India tribal sports-competions :

Medal Holders on International Level :

S. No. Name Sport Year Details Medal Etc
1 Shri Limba Ram Archery        
2 Shri  Shyam Lal Archery        
3 Shri  Dhul Chand Archery        
4 Shri Jayanti lal Archery        
5 Shri  Naresh Damor Archery        

 Medal Holders on National Level :

S.No. Name Sport
1 Miss Manjula Kalasuwa Marathon
2 Miss Laxmi Bharada Marathon
3 Miss Asha Rot  Archery
4 Shri Daneshwar Maida Archery
5 Shri  Lal Singh Archery
6 Shri Anand Singh Athletics
7 Shri Kumar Chand Archery
8 Shri Bhanu Pratap Singh Archery



8. All round Integrated village development program :

Aim :


2. Works undertaken for economic development :  

  Recharging of dried wells, deepening of ponds, wells or lakes and building of small     check-dams (annicuts) as the situation demands has been carried out.
  To collect the rain water percolating tanks are prepared from top to bottom on     the hills. This rain harvesting helps in growing trees and grass fields for the     cattle.
  High breed seeds are provided to the farmers in order to get best     agriculture     return.
  Workshops and camps are organized to enlighten the farmers regarding new     technology in farming, preparing organic manure, high quality seeds and plants.

9. Women Empowerment :

Aim :  Women form 50% of the society and no development can be completed if women are not part of it. In order to have self confidence, self dependence and self esteem Vanvasi Women Groups Parishad deals with various aspects of women.

Women’s Activities in Vanvasi Areas :

In tribal Areas :

  Formation of women groups and organization of regular meetings.
  Motivation to form self help groups and to promote small scale production programs in various fields like packaging     of organic food-grains etc.
  To conduct awareness camps and workshops in order to bring forward their innate qualities. They can be strong     and firm against vices like alcoholism, blind faith and beliefs and atrocities.
  To create awakening that no one in their village should remain hungry in their surroundings.
  To prepare their mind-set against any anti-national activity in their village.

In Urban Areas :

  To create an awareness regarding the tribal areas in public by holding meetings amongst various groups.
  To promote fund raising activities in cities.
  To organize value-based non-formal educative workshops in various tribal girls groups studying in cities and towns.
  To guide the women coming from the tribal areas for medical facilities in hospitals and help them in every respect.

10. Work in Cities and towns :

Aims : To bridge the gaps between Urban Population and vanvasis.

Works :

To organize tour programs in vanvasi areas to have a glimpse of their life-style and activities in the field.
 To organize camps and workshops for part-time honorary workers having their    motto only service to Vanvasi in order to have clear vision about the work.
 To organize seminars on various subjects on Tribals.
 To help and educate the tribal college students studying in cities and towns in    every respect.
 To contact tribal people residing in urban areas and encourage them to join Vanvasi Kalyan Parishad in order to    think for the upliftment of village dwellers.
 To run various types of projects like Deepak Yojana, Birthday Yojana to raise funds.
 To hold various programs like Holi-Milan, Deepawali Milan, Van-Bhoj etc.
 To systematize and organize various camps and workshops conducted for workers and Karykartas.

Results :

Pipalkhunt in the district of Banswara has 13 big and small Ennicuts .Kotra has  8, Kishangad has 2 and a total of 23 Ennicuts have been constructed so far .As a result the water level in these areas has risen so that farmers have ample water supply to cultivate their land and hence they are able to sow the KHARIF and RABI Crops .

Banswara district was supplied with 16 diesel pumpsets and the 3 water management works were undertaken and thus 250 acres of additional land has been cultivated.

Kotra has 2879 well deepened and, 264 wells properly cemented wells so that water can be stored throughout the year and safe drinking water is available .
Increase in fruits and vegetable production has improved the economic status of the farmer.
Apart from helping the farmers by introducing them to latest technology development, one pump set is made available between 4 to 5 farmers on easy interest rates. This has helped them to water their fields easily .As yet 23 pump sets have been  distributed.


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