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To those whom we call the forest dwellers, Vanvasi..... Let us take a vow that from today we will limit our (Personal Needs) and must spend our intellect and welth to educate and inculcate values of our traditions. To ensure upliftment of the entire society and to create a harmonious and peaceful lineage we do away with all the differences in our actions words and throughts.

Shri Guruji

About Us

Rajasthan Vanvasi Kalyan Parishad

The Parishad was established on Auguest 25, 1978. Parishad runs boarding hostels, sanskar kendras, health care centres, hospitals, medical camps, sports centres, agricultural development centres, small scale industrial centres and culture awareness centres. The work is spread in all the scheduled tribes of Rajasthan. A total number of 32 developmental blocks have been covered by the Parishad with a strong growing network in 3000 scheduled villages. Parishad has received support from individuals and groups belonging to rural and urben communities in from of their valuable time and money.


Work as a catalyst in bringing sustainable change in the lives of tribal people with a holistic approach of development. Empower the tribal society, who is proud of its traditional and cultural values, to be equally capable in contributing to nation building in its best capacity.


  • We strengthen faith in traditional and cultural values of the tribal society, and inculcate the spirit of nationalism in them.
  • We protect the identity of the tribal people by upholding their self esteem and dignity.
  • We guide them towards all round development through self reliance, educational and cultural activities.
  • We build leadership skills in tribal youth to play their effective role in nation building.
  • We bridge the gap between tribals and urban society and develop stronger links between them.

Focus Areas

  • Spread education and knowledge through our Educational Projects.
  • Create a healthier tribal society through our Medical Projects.
  • Inspire the tribal youth to mobilize their power for the betterment of society and nation through our Sports Projects.
  • Cultivate and consolidate deep rooted faith in tribal values and culture through our Cultural Projects like faith awakening centres and celebration of traditional festivals.
  • Inculcate right values and respect among tribal children for their traditions through our Sanskar Projects.
  • Promote society development towards economic growth through awareness of Latest Technological Anvancement Programmes.
  • Preservation of basic rights through Hitraksha Projects.

Scheduled Area in India :

  • Total Population of tribals - 8 Crores 45 lacks.
  • Total tribals - About 578.
  • Total tribal districts - About 265
  • Total tribal blocks - 2000
  • Total tribal villages - 1,43,358.

Statistics at a Glance :

All India Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram founded/ Established on 26th Dec 1952 By Shri Ramakant Keshav Deshpande.

Head Office : Jashpur (Chhatisgarh)

Work spread in all states of India.

Working amongst 240 Scheduled Tribes.

Working in 299 Tribal districts.

53750 Villages where work is being carried out.

Rajasthan Vanvasi Kalyan Parishad :

  • Established on 25th August 1978
  • Working amongst all the 6 scheduled tribes
  • Work being done in 32 development blocks
  • Contact in 3000 Villages

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